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diana smallridge diana smallridge

ms. smallridge has advised clients around the world, including in canada, usa, mexico, australia, japan, new zealand, china, philippines, finland, germany, france, czech republic, russia, turkey, saudi arabia, south africa, bangladesh, barbados, malta and others. she is internationally recognized for her expertise and is regularly invited to participate in workshops and conferences as a guest speaker, facilitator, or chair. she was an active member of the world energy council's task force on financing renewable energy projects in developing countries, and has contributed to working group sessions of the world economic forum on financing for development. she was a member of the board of the sierra club of canada foundation. she chairs an annual workshop for the united nations environment program (unep) on export credit and the environment, and also co-wrote a unep executive brief for the bonn renewables conference.

among some of her recent assignments with green capital advisors, she developed a carbon delivery guarantee product for cdm projects for the world bank carbon finance unit. she also prepared a cdm strategy for the government of malta and evaluated the canadian green municipal fund’s innovative financing products.

ms. smallridge also is president of international financial consulting ltd., an affiliate of gca and a world leader in providing advice for financial services offered in support of trade, investment, and development.

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